The Coconut King

King of Yellow Butter Island!

Coconut King

Tamaran the Toast

Jester in the Coconut

King's Castle

Tamaran the toast

Miss Mitten

a Blueberry Kitten owned by the King



Walter the Waffle

A well-to-do waffle with a big heart and many friends. He constantly learns new things! 

Walter the



Runs the general store

Orange Juice

Mr. Stroodle

A Strawberry Poodle owned by Walter the Waffle!

Mr. Stroodle

Hector Hashbrown

A fashionable salesman who owns a hat shop in the Yellow Butter Shopping Center.

Hector Hashbrown

Mr. Melon

Mechanic and owner of Mr. Melon's Auto Shop

Mr. Melon

Brie Bagel

Talkative fashionista

who runs the Syrup Shop

with Sweet Muffin

Brie Bagel

Turk the Bacon

Laid back piece of

bacon in charge

of delivering

the mail on

Yellow Butter Island


Camela Coffee

Camela has an eye for fashion! She helps people

find the perfect outfit at

her clothing shop in the

Yellow Butter Shopping Center!

Camela Coffee

Dally Doughnut

Dally is a tough and buff

work out fanatic. He can

usually be found

pumping iron in

the gym!

Dally Donut

Eugene Egg

Eugene and his sister

Ellowyn both love

working at the

Yellow Butter

Learning Center!


Ellowyn Egg

Ellowyn and her brother

Eugene both love

working at the

Yellow Butter

Learning Center!


A well dressed muffin that runs the Syrup Shop. She and Walter are best friends!

Sweet Muffin

Sweet Muffin