About Us 

I never knew I was married to an illustrator until I showed my husband the first draft of Walter the Waffle Loses a Shoe. He loved the idea, especially with our first child on the way. Chaunce sketched out the first page and I was blown away by how quickly he'd managed to capture what I couldn't. I was even more amazed when he re-created his drawings on the computer. Truth be told, I'd never seen anything like it. His style was beautiful and different and definitely made the writing stand out in ways I'd never imagined.



It was then that we decided to write children's books together. We were both so happy with the turn out that we couldn't just stop with Walter. Thus, Yellow Butter Island was born. Who couldn't fall in love with an island of breakfast-themed foods that help teach preschoolers different lessons?


In all actuality, these books were to help our son develop important skills early on, and disguise the learning with silly rhymes and amazing illustrations. But Yellow Butter Island turned out so well that we'd like to share it with everyone. Our son may only be 2 months old now, but by the time he's old enough to read, we will have many entertaining and educational Yellow Butter Island books out. Until then, we'll continue to show him the pictures and watch his little face light up.


It's amazing how a passion can turn into a full-blown dream.


Thank you for taking the time out to visit our site and see our vision for yourself!


- Shaelin & Chaunce Blake, March 2019


January 4th 2020 and we are officially published! Zalix turns 1 tomorrow, and our second son is due in 10 days. Zalix still loves this book!


Zalix is now almost 2 and Kylo is 6 months! We have a huge collection of books that we let the babies choose from and read at night. Z's favorite is still Walter :)